Who We Are

Dedicated and passionate would best describe us. We are a dynamic Vancouver based contract care service provider.

Our Mission

Delivery of Sale, Excellent and Ethical Care to our Clients as well as Support for their Families.

Quality Service

The heart of Morning Star Health Management LTD. is the continues search for excellence in the delivery of service.

Who We Are

Dedicated and passionate would best describe the Morning Star Health Management LTD. It is a dynamic Vancouver based, locally owned and operated contract care service provider.

Strong leadership in the person of its president, defines Morning Star HM. This dynamic leadership has set the direction and honourable character of the company.

Morning Star HM operates on the principles of a cohesive strategy that delivers on the promise of exceptional customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

This goal is a guiding force that pushed the company to set higher levels of performance and productivity to inspire, train and motivate each staff to make a significant difference into the lives of each person we serve.

We Believe

That the focus of our continues search for excellence are the clients themselves. Each one of them is a living, feeling person and their experience of care and compassion must be the focus of our energy.

To achieve this we make use of tools in the form of policies, processes, education, training and mentorship for our staff. In this way our staff are empowered, encourage and supported to be able to and provide excellent and exceptional care.